Elios Custom Made Wetsuits

ELIOS SUB specialises in producing custom-made wetsuits, and has operated both in Italy and abroad since 1977.

This cutting-edge company stood out from its competitors right from the start, given that its craftsman-made wetsuits had innovative cuts and stitching, still unseen by the competition of that period.


ELIOS SUB has constantly strived to maintain a cutting-edge and sought-after production, selecting innovative materials, refining manufacturing techniques, and obsessively improving product stitching and finishings.

Nowadays, the company is a reference point for professional and novice divers, as well as for numerous competitors!

Our mission is to offer products with indisputable quality, prestigious manufacturing, and extreme comfort that can accompany divers in their work, sport, or free-time.

Elios Sub on action


Elios’ spearhead is its custom-made wetsuits, which enclose all the quality techniques and know-how we have acquired on a daily basis in our 20 years’ experience.

Our clients can admire our perfectly adherent cuts, attention to detail, the craftsmanship in our finishings, originality of design, and an infinite selection of materials, thicknesses and colours.

Our custom-made underwater wetsuits are available exclusively in two-piece sets (jacket and trousers) given that this is the only solution that guarantees the best trade-off between adherence and comfort in movement.

This set can be chosen in various models that go from closed jacket with incorporated hood, to open jacket (with zipper) without hood, but also high-waisted trousers, dungarees, or Bermuda shorts.



Are you unsure about which wetsuit better matches your needs?
Browse our product catalogue that is divided into PURPOSE OF USE, and discover the types, material, and outfits we recommend.

Alternatively, if you require specialist advice do not hesitate to contact our experts. They will send you the most suitable configurations for your needs in terms of comfort, efficiency, and price!


Given its experience in working with Neoprene and the rising demand for that product in other sectors, ELIOS has chosen to make its assortment available to its private and professional clients.

ELIOS performs direct sales of neoprene sheets to private individuals as well as companies, on small and large orders.

To see our complete assortment or to request detailed information visit this page >>

News from the World

  • We inform our costumer and followers that will be in ISPO Munich at 05/06th of February like guest. 

    If you have need to take the measures, choose a suit or select the neoprene for your next suit, please take a contact by mail before. 

    We will can meet you when will visit the Show and will can talking about your questions on the suits.

    ispo munich 2017
  • Samo Jeranko silver medal at freediving depth worldchampionship in Cyprus.

    cyprus1_small.jpg cyprus3_small.jpg 
  • From Norway with a suit 7mm smoothskin outside / Superelastic lining inside NJN.

    barba1small.jpg smallbar1.jpg 
  • One piece wetsuit 1,5mm superskin with dry zipper back 2016




  • For sell Asso 5,80, only 5 Years old without defects, including new undercarriage
    Euro 12000,00


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