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PAYMENT METHODS: our payment conditions are cash on delivery (you pay on receipt of the goods) or credit card/bank draft/post office order in advance of delivery, unless special prior terms are agreed at the time of order. Any delay in payment, of even just one invoice or deadline, will authorise the Seller to suspend or cancel at its discretion the outstanding part of the sale and request immediate payment of the entire sum due, wherein the buyer shall lose the benefit of the term without the need for legal action.

Delay in payments shall also have the following effects:

  • · loss of any discount benefits;
  • · right of the Seller to claim interest for the entire duration of overdue payment, i.e. from the payment deadline to effective final payment of 26%/year;
  • · expiry of the right of the Buyer to present any complaints.

CANCELLATION BY THE BUYER: the buyer may cancel or modify orders within 15 days from placement. No cancellations are accepted for articles for which the Buyer has obtained exclusive rights or for Made to Measure articles and/or non-standard production, the preparation of which has obliged the Seller expressly to procure raw materials.

SHIPMENT EXPENSES: always borne by the buyer unless special prior conditions are agreed.

TRANSPORT: by mail or courier unless otherwise specified by the client. Goods are sold or consigned "EX WORKS" and inasmuch always travel at the risk and hazard of the Buyer who shall be responsible for managing any complaints and actions involving the Carrier, Insurance Companies and third-parties.

FORCE MAJEUR: in the event of force majeur, or other fortuitous events, we shall not be responsible for delayed or non-delivery and shall have the faculty to resolve the contract in part or entirely, or suspend or postpone its execution.

PRODUCT RETURNS: all transport expenses for product returns shall be borne by the client; returns with payment on delivery will not be accepted. Products must be returned in perfect condition with adequate inner packaging.

Any complaints must be notified to the Seller by means of registered letter no later than 8 days from receipt of goods, after which time complaints will no longer be accepted. Complaints are not accepted when damage is caused by the negligence or fault of the Buyer or its Client.

INVOICING: every package will be accompanied by a regular fiscal receipt; if an invoice is required, please notify this at the time of order with all related details.

WARRANTY: damage caused by incorrect use are not covered by warranty.

FINAL DISPOSITIONS: any controversy shall be referred to the courts where the Seller has its Head Offices.