Hi-perform - Yamamoto Freedown

External black SuperSmooth / Internal Open Slide Cell

The freediving wetsuit HI-Perform is made with Yamamoto Freedown neoprene, a special material that allows high performance sport and also provides three key advantages:

HYDRODYNAMIC EFFECT + 20% speed in deep descents

EASE OF DRESSING + 50% compared to traditional cell  (without coating)

RESISTANCE TO TEARS + 30% compare d to traditional smoothskin

New wetsuit with special hydrodynamic characterics has been specifically designed for:

  • “pure” freedivers
  • competitions in dynamic apnea
  • deep divers

Thanks to the extreme slipperiness of the external surface, this wetsuit guarantees a 20% higher speed of descent compared to traditional smoothskin wetsuits on the market.

This feature allows to reach greater depths with less effort and fatigue.


The new external smoothskin combines 3 more interesting characteristics:

  • higher resistance to tears
  • higher ease of dressing
  • high elasticity for better breathing.


The inner surface is made with a specific so-called “Slide” cell, which has been manufactured with a particular treatment that makes it extremely slippery and easy to dress.

This feature has been very well accepted also among spearfishers and amateurs, because it facilitates dressing the wetsuit and lasts longer than common coatings, Titan or Gold, which after some time loose their normal splipperiness.


Our freediving wetsuit are realized with “shaped” but not “preformed” cut, to improve close-fit to each movement of the body. We have specifically studied some predefined points of the wetsuit in order to avoid overtiring joints and to eliminate the so-called “tangent” effect which generates annoying air pockets while stretching the limbs.

Furthermore, special rubber backings on the inner side strengthen the wetsuit against rips and improve the tightness of seams and the sealing in wrists, ankles and face.


This wetsuit is available only black coloured, with thicknesses of 3 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 7,5 mm,


Hi-Perform wetsuits for apnea is available in all standard sizes (shown here), and can be obtained TAILOR, indicating all your data in the appropriate form.



Improvements and Innovations

Thanks to our experience and to the cooperation with the currently world best free-divers (Carlos Coste, Topi Lintukangas, Sebastien Murat, Monica Barbero, Herbert Nitsch, etc.), we have implemented some specific changes on the cut of the jacket (on shoulders) to make the position with arms straight over the head more comfortable.

This change is available on request for all orders from freediving wetsuit.





black shadowTo allow a better comfort and a better thermal stability we made specially prepare a neoprene which guarantees you:

  • MAXIMUM ELASTICITY (provided by the external Superstretch lining)
  • STRENGTH (the lining is very elastic and highly resistant at the same time)
  • THERMAL INSULATION (the special medium and high density neoprene provides a minimum compression in deep and lower thermal loss)
  • CLOSE-FIT (the “suction effect” of the new Black coating minimizes water infiltration)
  • EASE OF DRESSING (the optimum slipperiness of the coating allows dressing the wetsuit without problems)
  • NO CUFFS (with the inner rubber backings there is no need for smoothskin cuffs which reduce the life of the wetsuit and create problems during the wearing phase)
  • QUICK DRYING (thanks to the very low water absorption rate, you can make frequent divings in rapid succession always wearing the same dried wetsuit)
  • ODOURLESS (the inner coating does not absorb or hold bad smells)

All these features are combined with the usual anatomic or non-preformed design of Elios’ wetsuits in order to improve close-fit to every single movement of the body.

All the models are available in black external colour at the moment, but you can ask for coloured seams