SCS Nano Capsule - Yamamoto

Nano Superskin High Performance

The wetsuit designed to improve your records.

Having reached the first of new generation for pure freediving wetsuits, we finally managed to obtain and improve all basic features to create the 'perfect' wetsuit, thanks to the cooperation of the two world's leading producers of high quality neoprene by Yamamoto 45 (read the pdf).

SCS Nano 

The most hydrodynamic and durable wetsuit coating available. Super Composite Skin Nano reduces the suit’s underwater coefficient of dynamic friction to 0.026 (in comparison to 4.0 of regular neoprene).

Less friction. Less drag. More speed.


freediving scs nano yamamoto


We specially committed ourselves to improve the outside ultra smoothskin special hydrodynamic features, whose exceptional rubberized surface slipperiness ensures a descent and reascent speed.

The most prominent feature of SCS is that it can remarkably reduce contact area to skin by providing SCS layer with Nano-Capsule in addition to its low friction resistance.

As a result, the surface friction resistance can be reduced to 0.28 when dry and 0.025 when wet. This improvement cuts by few seconds the actual diving time and improves your limits in higher security.


National Record Aurore Asso


After a careful analysis, we realized that during apnea and in particular during reascent (when the majority of accidents occur due to embolism, collapses, etc.), a lower resistance to attrition of the outside smoothskin neoprene and a high quality rubber ensure a reascent speed almost twice as a low quality neoprene.

The low quality neoprene rubber loses thickness quickly and, above all, does not regain its thickness equally fast as pressure decreases, thus making the resurfacing very difficult in a very delicate diving phase.

This allows to reach higher depths with less efforts and less consumption of energy; furthermore the outer skin of this material adds 3 more interesting features:

1. higher resistance to scratches
2. better wearability
3. outstanding elasticity which improves breathing.


We chose Yamamoto 45 Nano Generation, available in several color skin outside.

This Neoprene has higher resistance to compression (compared to previous model), thanks to the new chemical formula, but always extra-stretchy, extra-comfortable and extra-warm, as usual.

Available in 3mm and 5mm thicknesses, open cell or with New Superelastic lining inside (100% more stretchable than previous lining).


All these new products have been developed for 'real' freedivers, for competitive sports in dynamic freediving and deep divers, and today they have reached a high success among novice freedivers and deep-diving spearfishermen, because, apart from the reduced strain and less waste of energy, the outer skin features 3 more interesting properties:

  1. higher resistance to scratches
  2. better wearability
  3. outstanding elasticity which improves breathing.
  4. perfect close-fit to the body


The cut is 'shaped' rather than 'preformed' to improve close-fit to each movement of the body. Some predefined points of the wetsuit have been specifically studied in order to avoid overtiring joints and to eliminate the so-called 'tangent' effect which generates annoying air pockets while stretching the limbs.

To summarize, the perfect wetsuit should fit like a second skin, (better thermal insulation and less water penetration), bat at the same time it shouldn't be too tight!

A wetsuit which is excessively pressing causes the following problems:

  • Ventilation problems, hence less performance.
  • Less thermal insulation caused by thickness reduction
  • Reduced resistance against cuts and abrasions (a wetsuit which is overstretched on the skin gets easily cut)

Modern materials have to make wetsuits comfortable, the so-called 'suction effect' maintains the body perfectly dry, but at the same time the diver is not stressed by the pressure of the wetsuit, thus improving freediving and ensuring that neoprene will last longer.



Furthermore, special rubber reinforcements on the inner side strengthen the wetsuit (open cell model) against rips and improve the tightness of seams and the sealing in wrists, ankles and face.

Remarkable detail: we have improved the characteristics of the exclusive silicone edge seal at the bottom of the jacket, with better elasticity and close fit to the trousers to minimize water penetrations.


Open cell wetsuits are certainly the best choice for freediving, they are elastic, warm and fit like a second skin, but equally delicate and fragile.

For this reason, we had the idea of offering the same kind of wetsuit but with Superelastic lining on the inside to reach a wider audience (not only professionals or competitors), which can enjoy this product and willing to improve their performances, without suffering the frailness and delicacy of open cell wetsuits.

The wetsuit is easier to wear, stronger and more resistant, and users don't need lubricants anymore! (this new lining have 100% more stretchability than other previous lining)



  • 1,5mm Superskin Nano Dark Grey outside / Superelastic lining inside
  • 1,5mm Superskin Nano Metallic Green  outside / Superelastic lining inside
  • 3mm Superskin Nano Metallic Blu outside / Superelastic lining inside
  • 3mm Superskin Nano Metallic Silver outside / Superelastic lining inside
  • 3mm Superskin Nano Metallic Purple outside / Superelastic lining inside
  • 3mm Superskin Nano Metallic Red outside / Superelastic lining inside
  • 3mm Superskin Nano Metallic Green outside / Superelastic lining inside
  • 3mm Superskin Nano Metallic Red outside / Open cell inside
  • 5mm Superskin Nano Metallic Red outside / Open cell inside

ELIOS Compare Smooth suits

1  img 001 Superskin Black Deep/Metalliccolorsnano high performance capsule Open cell Yamamoto 45 Freedown Veryvery Warm 370
Fragility: Veryvery. Soap. More speed thansuperskin.
2  img 001 Superskin black deep / metalliccolors nano high performance capsule Nylon superelastic Yamamoto 45 Freedown Ultra superstrectch   400
Fragility: Durable. Low water resistance. More speed thansuperskin.
3  img 003 SuperskinSilverHeiwa Open cell HeiwaFreedown medium / High density Less soft than Yam Warm 300
Fragility: Speed and more resistance against deep compression. Veryvery. Soap.
4  img 004 Smoothskin black Open cell Yamamoto 45 Very Warm 330
Fragility: 20/30mts. Veryvery. Soap.
5  img 004 Smoothskin Gold coating Yamamoto 45 Very Warm 370
Fragility: 30/50mts. Veryvery. More slippery to getinto.
6  img 006 Smoothskin black Open cell Njn Medium density Veryvery Warm Deep diving 280
Fragility: Veryvery. Soap
7  img 007 Smoothskin black Open cell Heiwa Always Yes 260
Fragility: Veryvery. Soap
8  img 008 Smoothskindark green Open cell NJN medium density Veryvery Warm 290
Fragility: Veryvery. Soap
9  img 007 Smoothskin black Green elasticlining Heiwa medium density Very Like T-Shirt   270
Fragility: More durable. Reversible.
10  img 010 Smoothskin black Nylon super elastic blue NJN medium density Very   320
Fragility: Durable and reversible.
11  img 011 SuperskinSilver Open cell NJN medium density Very Warm 290
Fragility: High speed. Vervvery. Soap.
12  img 011 SuperskinSilver Superelasticlininginside NJN medium density Super Like T-Shirt   340
Fragility: Speed and more resistance againts deep compression. Easy to wear without lubes.