Wetsuits for Triathlon

The latest wetsuits in smooth-skin neoprene, thicknesses from 2mm to 5mm, usually one-piece with vertical back zip and adjustable velcro closure at the neck, are enjoying enormous success with the enthusiasts of this sport. The thickness can be differentiated between arm and torso to obtain the right compromise between thermal insulation and freedom of movement, together with easy dressing and slip in the water.

Professional line

Generally from 2mm to 5mm.


Various depending on availability.

Non through-stitching, with choice of colours.

Sealed edges
Available on request.

Available with zips at wrists and ankles.


MALE: I - II - III - IV - V - VI. Extra sizes: I long, II long, III long, IV long, V long. I short, II short, III short IV short, V short
FEMALE: I - II - III.  Extra sizes: I long, II long, III long. I short, II short, III short

Tailor Made

Other Versions
Two-piece model with jacket and tights (this model also available tailor made).- Model with front zip.


NEWS 2015.

This amazing AQUASEAL® zipper from YKK is perfect for active marine sportswear and lots more ! Smoother and more flexible, it offers optimum protection with a film-coated tape and an innovative zipper element mechanism. Keep the water out with YKK !

His application above the Performance suit, make it faster (close the water-way back), low thickness on back and high-comfort.

Available on demand.