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ELIOS Sub was set up in 1977 in response to the persistent requests of the proprietor’s friends and competition colleagues for a wetsuit like the ones he made for himself.

Elios Sub profileMorosini’s wetsuits, though home-made in the extreme (for economic reasons he used waste materials purchased from companies in the sector), had innovative features of cut and seam (later “adopted” by many others) that you could not find in the usual wetsuits on the market.

So ELIOS Sub was established, and throughout its voyage to the present day it has always tried to be in the avant-garde, always selecting the best and most innovative materials and always trying to be the first to use them, continually refining anatomical cut and maniacally improving the article’s seams and finishes, to the extent of becoming a reference point for many competitors, copied by many and a myth for a great many divers.

This brief outline summarises the whole ELIOS Sub philosophy, a philosophy of the past which is reflected in that of the future.

Continuous innovation, evolution, improvement and refinement of the comfort of the articles produced, to give divers, who are not only clients but friends, the best product at the lowest possible price.

ELIOS Sub wishes all its usual and future clients good, comfortable and warm diving.


Elios’ technical lab makes available to all customers its many years’ experience in the field of neoprene manufacturing to help you solving any kind of problem with your old (or new) defective equipment, obtaining the best compromise between cost and results.


We can repair any kind of wet or dry-suit (other manufacturers’ too!).We can replace zips, sew torn parts, make small or big modifications to enlarge or tighten standard size wet-suits, apply patches and reinforce fragile parts of the wet-suit. We can make repairings to wet-suits for surfing and swimming or to waders exclusively made of neoprene. As we have always done for our high quality products, we use only the best machines and glues available on the market for our repairings. Thus we can ensure an optimal and long-lasting manufacturing.

Contact us, even if you need simple suggestions! We will always be at your disposal.