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Technique and Features

ELIOS is known worldwide, above all for its unequaled skin-diving wetsuits.

The skin-diving wetsuit is the starting and reference point for every diver because it must include all the technical and close-fitting qualities of an actual second skin.

And this is where we concentrate all our research, all our studies of materials and cut, of all the details and small touches that make it perfect.

The refined simplicity of the cut (as you can see from the photos) is purposely basic to offer maximum toughness and minimum seams, thus avoiding the formation of skin abrasions.

This simplicity however is accompanied by the elegance of the seams (all non-through stitching, carefully finished and closed by hand) characterized by the least penetration and maximum flatness (this quality marks every single wetsuit of our production).

The latest technical solution of smooth inside edges for wetsuits in cell neoprene guarantees maximum possible watertightness in the most total comfort.

The technical suggestions for diving wet-suits focus on topics such as the best and long-lasting upkeep of this essential equipment for pleasurable diving. There follow a few straightforward suggestions (CLICK HERE )


The seams are perfect, there are no equals in the world of the wet-suits, with all the threads hand fastened for a consolidated tradition of quality and production technique able to offer the maximum of elasticity and endurance possible.

Our internal and external seams must have the least thickness and wideness possible for an incomparable comfort, they are in fact 1mm thinner and 2mm more narrow compared with those of the other wet-suit on the market.

This characteristic is appreciated externally with a better look, but in particular from the inside were the reduced dimensions confer the least possible friction on the skin.

Further more we have a large range of colours of the seams, which can personalize and give a touch of elegance to any kind of wet-suit.


A special and unique characteristic of our wet-suits are the borders and thanks to the research in the sphere of the elastic material we have realized 2 specific models.
It is known that unlined wet-suits are the best ones as for elasticity, thermic holding, performance and comfort, but at the same time one knows how delicate they are.

Smooth Border external side / Super elastic inside

It’s principally destined to all smooth wet-suits to which confers a wonderful look and a ring tight (Aqua-block) in the low part of the jacket (unequalled), maximum elasticity and a reduced resistance in the internal side of the thigh.

Border in elastic Nylon with Aqua-block in silicone

A world-wide novelty for all the wet-suits, born with the collaboration of the suits used for extreme skiing. It is applied on any lined suit. It has great elasticity, comfort and a very good fastener at the end of the jacket in order to avoid water infiltrations, without renouncing strength and endurance of the material.


It is known that unlined wet-suits are the best ones as for elasticity, thermic holding, performance and comfort, but at the same time one knows how delicate they are.

For this reason we apply reinforcement in neoprene smooth extra-thin in the internal side of the jacket, on the critical parts, under the armpit, at the face, the wrists, the ankles.

In particular those on the face/wrists and ankles have a double aim:

  • To make the wet-suit as strong as possible
  • To offer maximum watertight without compromising the elasticity of the neoprene as usually happens with all the other manufacturing methods.


Our costumers have the possibility to choose between three different solutions:

  1.  A central braiding, the perfect mix between functionality and ergonomy
  2. Double braiding, classical fastener particularly appreciated by the fishers for its firmness and holding
  3. Velcro (hook-and-loop fastener), ideal for very thin wet-suits thanks to the extreme hydro-dynamism and reduced thickness.


Strong Hook Velcro for fork fastener

The combination of polyamide and a polyester hook is the particular feature of this Velcro ribbon.
The new generation hook is more suitable than the standard model in the following environmental situations :

  • damp or wet environments
  • UV rays influence in combination with water (eg. water sports)
  • extreme cold up to – 60 ° C
  • extreme heat up to + 100 ° C

The “FORCE” hook can be used for clothing, for sporting goods, for many technical applications and in extreme climatic conditions (tropical, subtropical, Nordic countries), for this reasons is ideal for diving suits.

Its strong hold, finally guarantees that grip that was lacking in the products currently in use and finally allows people looking for a clean and hydrodynamic design to choose this solution without giving up.

Tensile strength

Horizontal tensile strength


Vertical tensile strength

SKU. Nr. Closure thickness Closure Resistance Medium Values
Minimum Values
Medium Values
Minimum Values
Medium Values
Minimum Values
15244 ca. 2,5-3,5 Original ca. 2,3 1,3 ca. 10,0 6,0 ca. 4,5 3,0
After 5000 open+close
ca. 0,7 0,6 ca. 3,5 3,0 ca. 2,0 1,5

Closure thickness without adhesive

Color fastness according to DIN:

Resistance Features
54004 light resistance 5
54007 water sea resistance 4
54010 wash resistance (temperature 60°) 5
54020 acid, alkaline sweat resistance 4-5
54021 abrasion resistance 4-5
54024 Dry-drying resistance 4-5

Fray tendency:

according to DIN 3415 part 2, paragraph 5.4 = vote 5

Washing and maintenance instructions:

Wash, dry clean, iron and ironer ironing only in closed state!


As for materials, you can choose from the vast range available, making up the wetsuit that is best suited to your needs.

You can also add accessories such as:

  • the arbalète patch_ applied to the sternum of the lined wetsuit or the smooth skin.
  • hot-applied rubberized for knee protection_ which prevent tearing while maintaining the softness of the wetsuit almost intact
  • liquid out

In conclusion we should underline the fact that the crotch closure is with a central loop fastening. Unlike the optional velcro closure which gets matted with use, becomes inefficient and ruins the tights, this type of solution was chosen precisely to ensure a suitably lasting watertightness.