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Wearing a diving suit may seem, especially for those who have just started their adventure in the diving world, a simple and fast operation.

In fact, slipping into a suit is anything but easy if you are not used to doing it.

The problem that most people encounter is related to the fact that the suit does not flow on the body, like if our skin was an obstacle.

To overcome this problem and enjoy diving, it is necessary to respect a “dressing order” and exploit a few tricks: let’s see it together.

Wearing wetsuit always starting from the legs

The process of dressing the diving suit involves a few simple steps, but a distinction must be made between the whole suit and the two-piece model, ie jacket and trousers.

In the case of the whole suit the number one rule that you have to keep in mind is that of STARTING FROM THE LEGS.

After putting your feet on, you have to pull the suit up to the hips, put the arms one at a time and then close the zipper behind the back.

Different is the “approach” to the two-piece wet suit: with this model you may have some difficulty when wearing the jacket.

To reduce the effort, I suggest you to fold the suit in half and tilt the torso to reduce the distance to cover.

Then puts your head on, fix the hood, first put one arm and then the other pulling the suit up: finally unrolls the jacket around the waist and you’re done!

What may go wrong?

The biggest obstacle in these phases is our skin, which in some way opposes it and make the suit wear into a real undertaking.

In this regard there are “tricks of the trade” as I said at the beginning, or use of talcum powder, oil for children or specific products.

Talcum powder.

Sprinkle the inside of the wet suit with talcum powder makes the act of wearing it smoother since it flows smoothly on our skin.

Be carefull: pay close attention to the amount of talcum powder you use because once in the water it could clot and become really annoying. So watch out for the doses!

Babies oil.

The second product that can help you when you wear a suit is baby oil, mixed with water.

Use a bottle to mix these two elements: 5% – 10% of the total content must be represented by the oil, the remaining part from water.

Why is oil for children better than soap (as perhaps someone has suggested)?

Because our skin, after being a long time in contact with the soap, can be irritated and annoying allergies may occur.

Use soap to make the diving suit more easily on our skin, and it also facilitates the formation of air bubbles.

Specific products

The alternative to these “common tips” is represented by the use of creams and specific products specifically created.

You can find on the market different kinds of gel that can be purchased in stores that sell diving suits and equipments, these products are ideal for slipping the suit on the skin without negative effects on the body.