Improve your records


Difficult to recommend a product or a wetsuit to those who have already reached this level because experience and maturation in the use of all the various neoprenes throughout the growth process has already formed the idea of ideal wetsuit for the type of use for which it is required, but given the always new availability of materials and technical progress in product packaging, we would like to suggest these solutions they enhance the characteristics and increase the performances.
The main features of this category are:

1) High resistance to compression in depth (medium/high density neoprene for deep dives others the 40mt)
2) Greater performances
3) High quality Japanese neoprene
4) Comfort and thermal stability in extreme situations

The products that are offered can guarantee high performance, great comfort and watertightness thick in depth, but they certainly can have even more delicacy, so you need that the customer is aware of the positive or negative qualities of the product and that is why it is essential greater experience in the care and use of the wetsuit.


This category will always be continuously updated, there will be new features that will be added in the future progressively to provide a wider variety of fabrics that will improve personal records of every diver.


Ti forniremo la soluzione migliore per le tue esigenze studiando i materiali, gli spessori e la confezione più adatta alle tue necessità!

La nostra esperienza vi permetterà di acquistare la muta “perfetta” per voi; non sempre la muta dei campioni è la muta ideale, infatti, a causa delle proprie abitudini, metodi d’allenamento, capacità fisiche, occorre saper scegliere e selezionare, per questo siamo qui NOI!