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Resistant for diving

Following up on the questions we are increasingly asked by customers who want to know which type of wetsuit to choose, we wanted to give a first answer to the request that we have ever had pose divers looking for a wetsuit for Open water and Advanced levels.
Although it is not easy to make specific categories, because so much depends on one’s aptitudes, capacity and environmental conditions, we have collected a first group of types of neoprene that we believe they are the most suitable for this type of use on depths of 15/30mt.
In the particular case we have deliberately enclosed the choices on the basis of general indications that of usually the diver requires:

1) Resistance (the suit must be durable, tear resistant and easy to wear)
2) Suitable for use on shallow depths (15/30mt)
3) Comfortable
4) Hot


This is meant to be a pure suggestion without forcing any customer towards a predefined choice, but narrow down the many neoprene and fabric options available while helping you not get lost in the crowd various specific characteristics of the product.
The basis of our subdivision that you will find, comes from almost 50 years of experience in the ed absolute knowledge of the qualities of the materials that have evolved over the years and have changed their use in diving suits.
It will be just the beginning of a road that will have new developments in the future and I hope it will help all customers at search for the perfect wetsuit!


Ti forniremo la soluzione migliore per le tue esigenze studiando i materiali, gli spessori e la confezione più adatta alle tue necessità!

La nostra esperienza vi permetterà di acquistare la muta “perfetta” per voi; non sempre la muta dei campioni è la muta ideale, infatti, a causa delle proprie abitudini, metodi d’allenamento, capacità fisiche, occorre saper scegliere e selezionare, per questo siamo qui NOI!